Sunday, August 21, 2016

Love Thine Self

By: Verina Zonise

I love to fly. One of things I still get a kick out of is when the flight attendant announces, “Put your oxygen mask on 1st before assisting children and seniors”. For most women, especially mothers, that statement seems counter intuitive. Our natural response to an emergency is to save our babies first or our loved one, but then who will save us? Self -care is probably one of the most essential things a woman can do. We cannot help anyone if we’re not serving from our overflow. Can you get money out of the ATM without making deposits? If so direct me to that bank!

It’s the same for us. We give so much to others but we forget to give back to ourselves. Think about your car, it needs gas, oil changes, and other maintenance—we need all that too in a sense. If you stop and think about it you probably already have some self-care activity that you could do more often. While going through my separation I needed a routine. It kept me sane and helped me to remember that I’m an interesting person, not just a wife or mother. Every night I would run a bath, take my time cleaning my face, sing & dance naked in the mirror, and then read silently in the bath. This routine was very gratifying and freeing for me. Once I got use to my new normal and even now I keep these routines going. I also try every morning and night to talk to God, meditate, and doing some reading or journaling.

Here’s a list of some self-care things that I love and helps to keep me grounded. Try one, some or all, and let me know some of your favorites below in the comments:

  • ·      Mommy Time (I do this when I need to decompress. A sign goes up on my door for 15 minutes and the kids know to not disturb except for an emergency ONLY)
  • ·      Long baths
  • ·      Glass of wine
  • ·      Journaling
  • ·      Reading
  • ·      Dancing
  • ·      Painting
  • ·      Facials
  • ·      Massages

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  1. My outlet is being close to the water, writing, and I can always enjoy a Great BOOK!!

  2. My outlet is being close to the water, writing, and I can always enjoy a Great BOOK!!

  3. Journaling, reading and massages

  4. Journaling, reading and massages