Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lost & Found

By: Verina Zonise

I am terrible with directions. I so much depend on my navigation system that when I hear those dreaded words “system lost”, panic sets in and I feel a thud in the bottom of my stomach. My thinking progressively worsens as the seconds go by that feel more like hours. What do I do? Where do I turn? Who do I call? And then some more random ridiculous thoughts!

Yet, we keep going right? Maybe more slowly and if you’re anything like me you start praying fast, loud, and hard. Oh God where am I going?? What do I do?? Where’s my turn, God! Then just when you think you’re lost forever, the navigators voice comes back on and calmly tells you, “In 2.5 miles turn left” or “Rerouting.”  You finally get back on track and it is confirmed, God heard you.

Sometimes real life can get like that. One moment you’re rolling along just fine, and you just get lost. Decisions and choices need to be made and it gets a little crazy sometimes, but all you need to do is slow down, stop, and regroup. Listen to your inner GPS (that voice for me is God), and I promise that just when you need it, the directions you need will come through, taking you to your destination.

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