Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mother Earth

By Angela Mayah Solstice

On a recent morning, I woke up happy and I had a hard time accepting it. Survival has come naturally to me, but learning to live has been a whole other story. I'm not sure I quite understand it all yet. So when I wake up happy and my thoughts are light, it's kind of surreal to me.

After trying to make sense of my happiness once again, I stopped and decided to go outside. I looked around and realized quickly at least one thing I was happy for-I had a beautiful backyard to call my own. The tenant before me clearly had been an avid gardener. Like magic, her flowers were blooming at the start of spring. Blessing me with pink roses in my own yard for the first time. A small section in the corner of the yard was a food garden with a wire barrier for protection. I vowed to myself for sure this time I was going to learn how to grow my own vegetables and maybe fruits. Also nearby was a huge bumblebee with a gentle energy hovering over the purple flowers scattered throughout the grass. I had a feeling the garden and backyard was healing and magical. A place others had passed through and received the respite they needed after a long hard journey.

On my long commute to work each morning when I cross over the large bridges, I turn off the music and connect to the ocean beneath me. I thank Mother Earth for her vastness. Last weekend for Earth Day I cleaned out the rubbish stuck in the bushes and soil around my house. I did not like it at first. Most of it was hard to access and its sight was ugly and moldy. It wasn't even my mess, which can be hard to accept responsibility for. But somehow in the midst of doing this chore, I gave it purpose. I let it represent the hard times I've had with my own mother. An issue I have come to accept had more of an affect on my life than I like to admit. So I let this act of cleaning up the hard places, be a connection to my own inner work and being able to face the hard stuff. An acceptance of difficult situations passed down to me that I have to accept.

Mother Earth has magic to her that I've always felt a connection to, but perhaps my forever love of the beach or soaking in the sun was just a start. I look forward to learning more and spending time with Her, my life, and me filled with happiness. May God and our Angels bless us all, bless our Earth, bless our food, bless our air, and our homes. Bringing us signs to follow and the warmth of love upon our lives.

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