Friday, November 4, 2016


By: Verina Zonise

It’s okay to fall in love and get lost in the comfort it brings. It’s okay to be vulnerable with a person who honors your soul. We were made to love, nourish, and feel the butterflies that let you know you’re alive! It’s also okay to be afraid. When you are feeling so much so fast insecurities may come, wounds from the past may resurface, but know that it’s normal to experience all of that. To face the unknown and trust in a process in which you don’t know what the outcome will be can take even the strongest person through the motions. Yet the key here to know is that the purpose of love is not the destination but the journey. The things you learn about yourself while being in love is priceless. I know some people say the blinders are on and we do silly things all in the name of love, and yes, sometimes that is true. Yet for me being in love has made me very aware of myself from every angle. I’ve examined what I’m thinking during these moments of euphoria, and even pushed further and asked myself, why am I having certain thoughts, what am I feeling and why am I feeling it, how do I look, how am I responding, and how am I showing up in the world.

I believe that being in love shows you a mirror of yourself. You begin to see the beauty within yourself but also areas you would like to improve. Being in love shows you the possibilities of life and gives you inspiration. In my experience I dream even bigger, selfishness melts away, and I simply want to be the best version of myself. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming and gushing with your friends over sweet good morning texts or a romantic evening between the one you love. It is being in love that if you surrender to the process can have you see what your really wanting and needing in your life. It directly supports you in getting to know that part of yourself that you try to hide, suppress, and even protect.

Be free in your love. Don’t let others tell you what’s right or wrong. Feel it with your heart not your head. Be in the moment and not lost in worrying about future moments that may or may not happen. Enjoy the loving texts, enjoy the movie night, enjoy the flowers, the inside jokes, the quiet still moments. Take it for what it is and inhale it. Love without conditions and maybe even more importantly, allow yourself to be loved.   

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