Wednesday, August 31, 2016

In The Night

By: Angela Mayah Solstice

Some mornings I open my eyes and I shudder inside. To wake-up in a state of anxiety is a burden I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. It’s not like this every morning, yet in still, how to predict the winds of happiness, sadness, or anxiety is something I don’t fully understand nor have mastered. Although I must admit, I’d really like to!

What I have seem to master are the evenings. They are not so monstrous because I know on most occasions, I have given the day my best efforts. I made the best decisions possible, I interacted with others with all of the kindness and understanding my heart could give. I’ve learned the evenings are a time of reflection, renewal, and feeding the soul. It is not plagued with the morning rush of problems to be solved, jobs to be done, or people to care for.

I fully embrace the idea of letting tomorrow worry about itself—at least in the evenings. During the day, I give it all my thinking power, utilize all of my intuition, and call upon my Divine support who are a phone call away. I give my best self, and seize upon the day with all of the wisdom from my yesterdays.

We are all capable of having a peaceful sleep. Like the one they say Jesus was able to do lying in a boat as the sea raged violently. I say it’s a sign of an unruined heart, a sweet soul, and a strong spirit. It is the grace bestowed upon those the most deserving of it all. I am thankful for this grace, for I remember the long sleepless nights that were inescapable when in the middle of a bloody war. Where my watchful eye and alert mind were needed until the sun came about again. Yet when all seems okay, even if for one night, although the war is still to be had in the coming days, use it to your advantage. Give your soul a rest.  

May our souls get the rest and care they need this night. May our fate await us tomorrow with us already knowing we will make it through once again. May our souls sustain us, our Earth Angels maintain us, and our God protect us always. 

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