Thursday, August 4, 2016

By: Maisha B.

I am a nail tech and although it may not seem like a job where someone could help others, I try my best to do just that. As I serviced a client the other day, it turned into a therapy session as I began expressing my feelings about life. I took her on an adventure with me going all the way back to the beginning of my spiritual journey, and shared with her my story. I know these moments can be powerful because I remember a time when a lady at a hair salon told me out of no where that God wanted me to get closer to Him. I was so afraid after hearing that! I kept telling myself all types of lies and excuses so I didn't have to face God. For example, I told myself, “I'm such a wreck I can't get closer to God like this!” Not knowing at the time, but I soon realized, God wants us just the way we are, not perfect. A second experience I encountered was when my aunt Irma passed away, she had told me the same thing like the lady at the salon, God wanted me to get closer to Him. I soon realized that these encounters were not a coincidence and I needed to get myself together and closer to our Creator. I thank God my auntie was obedient and delivered the message to me. I also thank God my auntie was alive to say prayers for me when I had brain surgery just days after having my son almost 2 years ago. My aunts, Irma and Barbara said a prayer for me over the phone and I felt safe, blessed, and ready to go into surgery with no fear. Recently a good friend of mine Angela called to talk about her blog and how she wanted me to write for it. I thought the connection and timing was amazing because I felt like I needed an outlet to share my journey with the world to inspire, encourage, and empower people. 

Never give up on you and never give up on your dreams no matter what! I've lost 2 family members this year that I had a spiritual connection to, my cousin Eboni and my aunt Irma. When my life was on the line they prayed heavy for me and their prayers were answered because I'm sitting here writing on this blog as we speak. I thank God for having them live long enough to help keep me alive. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t let them down. That I would continue to be inspired by their legacy and to live life to the fullest, with no fears getting in the way. I'm just writing today to really introduce myself. My name is Maisha but you can call me LIFE.

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