Sunday, February 25, 2018

Survival of the Empaths

"The people who are sensitive in life may suffer much more than those who are insensitive. But if they understand and go beyond their suffering. They will discover extraordinary things."
~Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hello, I hope you are well! As always, the world is turning, burning, and churning out all new kinds of revelations and occurrences. If there ever was an applicable Bible verse for these times for me it would be, be in this world, not of it. A strange thing for a God to ask of us…to create a world us at Spirit beings living among humans, must protect and be cautious of. With all my heart and soul I have often times, and still, do want to belong in this world. Yearning to be understood, not judged, and accepted for who I am. Yet I am conscious of the reality in my every failed attempt to do so as I was met with judgments and soon rejection of others who hurriedly put their labels upon me. It is frustrating to experience time and time again….people’s need to fit you into their “boxes”. The possibility of someone being a real living spirit, exempt and free of worldly conditioning, to confronting for his or her fragile psyches.
Just last week, I was riding my usual commuter train where I have become accustomed to the intense energy being on mass transit comes with. This morning though, the energy was felt more than usual when suddenly a man began bellowing out, “you're not rejecting me, you're rejecting God”, repeatedly. Before exiting he eerily stated, “It’s going to be a long day for you all.” Had I been on a subway in the city where these things happen more often, I wouldn’t give it a second thought. But this man’s piercing voice among the conservativeness of a suburban commuter train jarred me completely. I asked God later was that man’s words for me, and the reply was, “yes.” It was confirmation that every morning, whatever I was feeling from others, was their rejection of God, not of me.

Being a person who feels too much and overall sensitive to the energies from people, places, and things is not easy. Yet if you can stay with it, do your healing work, and turn this beautiful gift given to you into your strength, you will find endless possibilities for your life. A life of less suffering, more confidence, and purpose. Please continue to learn how to love yourself for who you are, as oppose to shaming yourself relentlessly. May you find your tribe, the information, and opportunities that complement and appreciate your sensitivity. Be Blessed.

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Reading Recommendations for Empaths:
Earth Angels By: Doreen Virtue
The Empath's Survival Guide By: Judith Orloff
Beyond Codependency By: Melody Beattie
The Four Agreements By: Don Miguel Ruiz
Journey to Ixtlan By: Carlos Castenada
Woman Who Run With Wolves By: Clarissa Pinkes Estes
The Dream Book By: Betty Bethards

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