Tuesday, August 23, 2016

L to R Maisha, Angela, Courtney, Verina

By: Maisha B.

As I sat back on my couch a few mornings ago in meditation, I reflected on how blessed I am for the souls that God has connected me to. I come across a lot of people being a nail artist and singer, and have learned that with every encounter there is an opportunity to learn something we can apply to our lives. However I share a very special connection with three women that I'm very grateful for. I call them my Reiki sisters, two of them I've known since I was a child and the other I met a couple of years ago in our Reiki class. I have a bond with them that's so special and powerful. It’s truly been a healing journey with my sisters. We're learning a lot about healing and we have a lot more to learn. We took a Reiki class together and got certified to do Reiki healing for Levels I & II. It has allowed us to feel each other from miles away and we can heal each other from far away too, that's very powerful to me. I believe everyone has the ability to heal someone. Growing up I always wished I had special powers not realizing I had them all along.  

Learning to no longer be afraid and embrace the powers the Creator has given you can be an amazing experience. It’s so incredible when we can use our gifts and see them work to help people. I’m telling you life isn't about material things; I've learned life is about discovering what’s really valuable and important in life. The Creator gives to us all that we need, and it don't cost a thing. It is such a blessing to know that all things that come from God are free except water, but we know who puts a price on that in the society we live in. 

It was very interesting the other day when I came across a Facebook video about Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from the popular singing group TLC, speaking about her journey on an island where Dr. Sebi was healing her. She expressed that the water was so healing because it was high in nutrients, and it helped her a great deal by drinking and bathing in it for 30 days straight. She stated once she returned back to the United States she could smell the chemicals in the water, and it burned her skin. Watching her video showed me the tremendous healing she was able to experience by being away from the United States. I could see it in her eyes that she was witnessing something so powerful and amazing to her that she was sharing with the world about all she was discovering. Left Eye brought so much energy and power forth as I watched her video that I came to the conclusion that being able to learn about natural healing powers are one of life's many blessings.  

All of my Reiki sisters have a powerful mission on Earth and I'm so grateful that we are connected. I envision myself exploring the world with these beautiful sisters some day to discover even more powers that lie within each of us.  

To my Reiki sisters I love you, and I thank you for being apart of my journey called L I F E. 

Left Eye Speaking on the tainted water system decades ago

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