Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shadow Town

In my commitment to the empowerment and healing of women, I am anxious to tell you about an opportunity where you can help. In my hometown of Chicago and around the world young girls are being sexually exploited. It is a billion dollar business operating successfully in our own country and local communities. Young girls are being preyed upon by convincing and promising pimps. An  organization here in Chicago called Her Story Theater which is a grassroots professional theater company that creates all its original works about Chicago lives is featuring a production based on such circumstances. All of their performances reflect the human and inhumane conditions of woman and children worldwide, with the sex trafficking of young women being one of them. Here is a small excerpt from the promotion of their upcoming production Shadow Town:

SHADOW TOWN - a place where young girls are bought and sold like a product over a counter.  You never saw them? Invisible...a shadow in the night, in the light...365 days a year.  They are there...on your street, by your hotel, the business in your local mall, around the corner....your neighbor.

They come from Chicago, Naperville, Danville, any ville.

They are the young women and children who have been brainwashed, life threatened, brutalized, drugged and beaten into the modern slavery of sex trafficking.

They are your little sisters, cousins, aunts, daughters, classmates, friends, next door neighbors...and they desperately need your help.

Will you join me? I will be volunteering with The Dream Catcher Foundation which is a non for profit organization that services girls ages 12 to 24 who are at risk or currently in Human trafficking. The proceeds from the ShadowTown performances will benefit The DreamCatcher Foundation along with the The Salvation Army- PROMISE program established Anne's House, which provides long term residential care for sex trafficked girls, ages 12-21.

There is a Q & A after each performance. Each performance has a different Chicago notable who performs the role of Samantha's parent, (Samantha is the child from Naperville who disappeared from a connection she made on the internet followed by her parents frantic search for her), along with a celebrity singer opening the show, followed by a reception where the singer performs for that night's audience in the comforts of the theaters lounge.

I will personally be volunteering the nights of:
October 17th which features Bill Kurtis and Donna Lapietra, power couple of media
October 19th which features  Marion Brooks, NBC 5 Chicago, anchor and reporter
November 2nd which features Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Award winning actress

I would love to meet you and tell you more about The DreamCatcherFoundation. Please note guest celebrities are subject to change and many more dates are available for tickets! Below is a video clip of some of the cast members from Shadow Town talking about how being a part of the play has impacted their life. I will show more throughout the month. I thank you for your support in advance! I hope to see you there! Xo


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