Wednesday, October 9, 2013


By: Angela Mayah Solstice

I attended a wonderful luncheon yesterday for the Chicago Foundation for Women. The keynote speakers were New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn. The luncheon was well presented and hosted by ABC 7’s Cheryl Burton. Attendees were ushered into the ballroom by the sounds of the Kan-Win Drummers which stands for Korean American Women In Need which is an organization dedicated to serving Asian American survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Chicagoland area. Several speakers graced the stage before the keynotes. One standout was a female military veteran who had been sexually assaulted TWICE while serving in the military. She bravely shared her story and advocated for mental health care and women’s rights within the military. Shortly after the dynamic and motivating Nicholas Kristoff and his wife came on stage. He lobbied for many issues in concern to women and promoted his book Half The Sky. The heart of his message was the ending of the human trafficking of young women. Him speaking on that topic was moving to me because in my interactions during the afternoon I was representing The Dream Catcher Foundation and talking about the same topic to others. He ended with a poignant message, which was that we all can make a difference. Which may sound cliché but it is so true! That each of us stepping into our roles helps to chip away at the bigger problem. One cause particularly close to my heart is the ending of the human trafficking of girls. I shared recently about a play called Shadow Town debuting here in Chicago this week. The proceeds will benefit The Dream Catcher Foundation and The Salvation’sArmy PROMISE Program-Anne’s House. Please come out to support if you can! I will be there October 17th & 19th as well as November 2nd and would love to meet you! Below is a small list of  Chicago Foundation for Women’s grantees and partners, please browse through them and find an organization that may interest you to volunteer with, or could be of service to you or a loved one.  Wanted to share with you all of this! Have a great day!


Chicago Women's Health Center

Connections for Abused Women and their Children

Options for Youth

Young Women's Empowerment Project

Girls 4 Science

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