Friday, August 10, 2012

Letting Go...

By: Angela Mayah Solstice 

There is a quote that says, “Stand for something, or fall for anything.” That was my life for so many years. Running toward anyone, believing anything, only to be knocked down from the emotional blows of moving too fast. In changing my life, I learned that trying to figure out how the game of life was played, was not my job to play in the first place. I learned that I was to surrender my thoughts to a Higher Power if I wanted clarity and relief. In doing this, I became stronger and did not even realize it at first, but a spirit of discernment had come over me. Even if my old thinking patterns popped up—I immediately knew not to trust them initially. I learned to wait on it, and the divine truth, solution, or intervention would come. 

I try and support these revelations by envisioning the person or problem going toward a light in the sky. Another way is to write out your feelings and ceremoniously burn or bury the paper. This may be something you practice frequently in the initial stages of changing your life or cleansing—do it as often as you need to. Then as you move forward in your self- growth, these exercises can serve as a constant tool when you are being troubled by a situation. You will soon notice less anxiety and more confidence come about, as you practice the continual act of surrender. 

Until then it is all one day at a time. xo

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