Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just Like That.

By: Angela Mayah Solstice

I had heard the statement “Life is a gift.” I understood the meaning but I never thought that way about my own life. Life had been a struggle as far back as I could remember. Learning to appreciate life and finding happiness did not come easy to me. It was a learned behavior. First, I had to believe I deserved happiness. It took a tremendous amount of healing and soul searching, but eventually I got there. Next, I had to break free from unhealthy people. It is a continual act that I perform, but when you work hard for something you appreciate and value it more—and I was beginning to do just that. I learned that if a person did not make me feel good or simply something did not feel right that it was okay for me to disconnect—I did not have to learn the hard way now. Finally, I make a conscious effort. I fight for my happiness and peace of mind knowing how miserable I was before and never wanting to be in that place again. Your life is a gift. At anytime you have the power to take it back. You are changing your life the moment you choose to do so. In the meanwhile, it is all one day at a time. xo 

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