Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Review

The Magdalen Manuscript by: Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

"You can't love someone enough to make them love you. If they can't love themselves, they surely can't love you."
~The Magdalen Manuscript

I have finished a book that I knew beforehand would be life changing. When I say life changing I mean there are books where you will never be the same after reading because the confirmation of your most burning questions and knowings are solidified. This book is part of a direct channeled message from Mother Magdalen, mixed with other teachings and personal stories. Judy Sion along with her husband Tom Kenyon beautifully weave together ancient teachings, messages, and testimony about entering and/or preparing oneself for Sacred Relationship.

"I had been shown how I had walked a tightrope dangling above such a pit of darkness intent on destroying me that one tiny step to one side or another would have easily cost me my life."
~The Magdalen Manuscript

This book comes as a relief on a personal note to me because I just finished, what has seemed to be an eternity of lessons and learning in regards to soulmates, twin flames, and soul ties. The Magdalen Manuscript if you will, is an initiation into mature love. Love with purpose and understanding, between two willing and conscious adults aware of their mission in life. You must then be someone who understands this requires a huge amount of un-conditioning and un-learning of what you thought you knew about love and relationships. The book spends an incredible amount of time explaining the sacred tantric traditions. Clearly letting the reader know this wasn't about becoming knowledgeable on how to have good sex, but learning that sex was originally, and still is intended as a spiritual experience to be had.

"I have loved and desired from such a place of desperation that I have allowed someone to hurt me…"
~The Magdalen Manuscript

This read is not for the faint of heart, but for those well into their spiritual walk needing the extra push to know that we really are here for the evolution of our soul's purpose and nothing short of it. The pages are mystical and engaging and full of heart and soul. An honorable mention to the co-author Judi, whose candor and explicit sharing of her life story cut right to the core of myself, and many women who I know. A beautiful, wisdom filled book to say the least!

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