Friday, February 14, 2014

The Courage To Change

Believing that in everyone there lives a soul, filled with good intentions, creativity, and intuition. The Courage To Change is a story founded on a young woman's courage to break her silence in order to tap into these virtues. Infusing her own life story of debilitating abuse and abandonment, Angela Mayah Solstice earnestly shares the exercises, readings, and self-help affirmations that brought healing to her life after surviving abuse, abandonment, and divorce. We have witnessed a decline of the woman in modern times. There is a call for others to share their message of healing and hope to help others have a resurgence of their souls. Angela draws on spirituality and powerful affirmations to help others begin to cultivate a meaningful change in their lives.

The Courage To Change is available as an E-Book on Kindle, B&N Nook, and Kobo; and in paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold by request, simply give the books 13 digit ISBN number: 978-0-9916095-0-5.

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