Friday, January 31, 2014

Eillen Fisher Helps Create Awareness About Human Trafficking

Photo Credit Angela Mayah Solstice: Stephanie Daniels-Wilson (left), Mary Bonnet (middle), Angela (right)

By: Angela Mayah Solstice

I volunteered and represented the Dream Catcher Foundation last night at a GREAT event hosted by the Eileen Fisher Store inside of Water Tower Place. Playwright Mary Bonnett from Her Story Theater gave a great presentation about the world of Human Trafficking taking place right HERE in Chicago. She was able educate the audience through a visual Power Point presentation mostly based on the play Shadow Town that wrapped up last year. Some AWESOME things came out of that play,  one being that the Dream Catcher Foundation was gifted with $20,000 through the proceeds of the ticket sales and two it is  now used as a teaching tool in the community! Mary also announced that Shadow Town II will be debuting later this year.

The guests in attendance last night were very attentive and asked AMAZING questions afterwards. Stephanie Daniels-Wilson who is the founder of the Dream Catcher Founder then shared her story and answered questions as well. All in all great turn out, attendees truly were made aware about the effects, causes, and preventative measures we can take in relation to Human Trafficking. Awesome event!

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