Sunday, September 15, 2013

You're A Healer!

noun: healing
  1. 1.
    the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

    "the gift of healing"
By: Angela Mayah Solstice

I know I use the word "healing" a lot. Yet, perhaps you're wondering, "What exactly does healing mean?" I personally believe a "healing" can take place at anytime, anyplace, and by anyone. I've had a healing in my kitchen at 2 am moved by the music and dancing in the dim light. I've had a healing talking to a complete stranger whose energy moved me in some way. I believe a healing is when a shift happens in your thinking that causes your Soul to be stirred up. Oprah calls it an "aha" moment. Your preacher may call it the moving of the Holy Spirit. Spiritualist may describe it as being Enlightened. Many times, without strenuous effort, some sort of healing is taking place in your life. Yet when you are thinking of making some serious changes in your life Healing takes a more focused and heralded effort. 

I like the approach of the 12-Step program to take it one day at a time. Healing does indeed have emotional and physical side effects, but a constant feeling of anxiousness or sadness does not have to be the experience. Healing when done with an earnest intent and self-compassion, can be a gentle journey. You don't have to be hard on yourself and surely you don't need to let others be hard on you. In fact, most of us can do our healing work in the privacy of our own homes. If we are diligent, we will find a competent counselor, program, or a local self-help group to support our healing work. We pray, we fast, we meditate, we exercise, we meet new friends, we read, we journal --we fight to get a glimpse of the other side. We cry, we sleep, we let go, we get angry, we get desperate, we hang on--and fight some more. What we don't do is give up on yourselves

We keep Healing, we keep growing, and we use all of our tools interchangeably. Until there comes that glorious moment where one day at a time has added up to some very impressive healing work that has manifested a beautiful change into our lives. That is what Healing is and YOU have the manifestation power to heal your own life. You are programmed to heal yourself. Just like when you buy a new car it is built with everything it needs to drive and operate. You may need to poke around or read the manual to figure it all out--but you know everything is already there. Well, my friend, I'm telling you everything is already in YOU. You may have to poke around that mind and heart of yours or read up on a few books to help bring yourself into remembrance of what you're really made of--but as the Bible says, you are Beautifully and Wonderfully made! You are here for a purpose and the first task at hand is remembering you are one fine automobile! Ha! 

You have one beautiful Soul Engine rumbling on the inside of you. The world is waiting for you to pop your top and show it off! You may be in the Healing factory right now trying to understand all the parts of your life and how they fit together. You might have to tell your supervisor (the family & authority figures in your life), your co-workers (friends), and impatient and judgmental car buyers (the world) to back off for a minute! Take as much time as you need. Don't hold yourself to a standard of perfection but one of Grace. Remember healing is a life long journey of peeling back the layers again and again. You are designed to change and be dynamic.  So in the meantime, get to work and begin to Heal your life!

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  1. Yessssss I love it and I've been healed reading this thanks sis.