Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Poetry


How do I live with no limits?
How do I Accept what's already given, living inside of me everyday
Naturally a part of me in every way...
How do I live with no limits?
No gimmicks
No watered down version of me
No apologies for every little thing
Like I'm so sorry for just the human I'm being...
Like I'm afraid to see the woman in me God is revealing
Like my flaws are not in all the woman who I'm seeing
Potentially freeing themselves because in me they see who they'd may be
If they were living a life without limits...
The benefits of that?
Can you imagine this?
Women around the world walking into their purpose...
Living their dreams...
Undoings of generational unworthiness
Due to maternal narcissists or paternal absentness...
Meaning children are paid attention to in all respects...
Given a platform to live with no regrets...
All because we chose to live

~Angela Mayah Solstice

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