Friday, March 9, 2012

Doesn't Matter How You Get Here

I definitely have control and ego issues that rear their ugly heads into my life from time to time---okay a lot! They came and paid me a visit a couple of days ago when I received an unexpected call from a girlfriend. I was gently surprised  as we were catching up when she mentioned she had gone to see a spiritualist. She continued on with how she was told what Angels were around her and in a nutshell a very life-changing spiritual reading took place for her. Then get this---the spiritualist was a hairdresser and did the readings to her clients while doing their hair as her service to humanity free of charge. Enter my EGO! All I could hear was, “Why had she not asked me for a spiritual reading!”  “What about me?” You get the picture! Thank God I could enter into my heart center and engage in rest of the conversation from a healthy place. I gave her some words of encouragement and we made plans to see each other soon.

It doesn't matter how you get here. God brings messengers and Earth Angels into our lives everyday. A guided message or deed given to you in divine timing can change your life. A guided message or deed you give to others can change lives as well. No matter your present circumstance or occupation you can be a blessing to others and share your spiritual gifts as well as others onto you. Expect a miracle and continue to shine your light.


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