Thursday, May 25, 2017

Down In The D

By: Angela Mayah Solstice

“Managing an inner life which knows a great love and an outer life which can be anything but loving is a bridge too far for many.” 
~Dr. Bruce Davis

I have been down before, way down. I still managed to keep my day to day going, pay my bills, and even maneuver around life’s crisis with all of the composure in the world. Yet none of this could mask the pain and anxiety I often felt in my alone time. The constant worry I was experiencing would create a lack of motivation in my life. As each new idea came to mind that could bring forth change or a solution for me, I would become overwhelmed with the execution of it all, literally putting the devil in the details. We are faced with decisions every waking moment of our lives, learning to manage life’s stresses is a journey in itself. To somehow find yourself in a vulnerable or hopeless place is not uncommon, I would almost dare to say it is normal and occurs for a lot of people.

Studies have shown that exercise and exposure to sunlight can reduce the symptoms of depression more effectively than taking prescribed medication. I personally find music, reading, or writing as an escape. Taking time for self-reflection, getting organized and putting “First Things First” helps as well. We cannot always be everything to everybody, but you are always with yourself, try and be kind!

Recommended Exercises:

1.      At least 1 x per week take yourself out on a “creative date”. This is can be anywhere that ignites your creative side. (i.e. record store, art gallery, beach, nature trail, specialty grocery store, garden, festival, favorite spots) *This idea comes from a great book called The Artist Way; it’s an awesome read for anyone also needing creative motivation to finish a project and/or reconnect to their art.

2.      Make a self-care list you can look to whenever you’re feeling down or stuck, and then pick something on the list to do immediately! (I.e. hot shower, bath, walk, journal, take a drive, workout, read, call a supportive friend, etc.)

Reading Recommendations (Click on links & colored titles for more info):
3.      The Courage To Change by: Angela Mayah Solstice
4.      The Artist Way by: Julia Cameron
5.      You Can Heal Your Life by: Louise Hay
6.      21-Day Consciousness Cleanse by: Debbie Ford
7.      Anatomy of The Spirit by: Caroline Myss
8.      The War of Art by: Steven Pressfield
10.   My Single Mom Life by: Angela Thomas
11.   A Woman’s Worth by: Marianne Williamson
12.   The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn by: Florence Scovel Shinn

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