Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discovering Your Life Purpose Finale

By: Angela Mayah Solstice

I watched a great sermon the other day. As the pastor preached he began to explain how those who are not “seekers” in life, fit in. Yet those who are “seeking” will never fit in because they are set apart from the world. They think different, feel different, and things that others do not think twice about, we feel uncomfortable doing if it'll bring other hurt. I believe that if you are in the process of finding your life purpose you are seeking. I believe if you are trying to change your life you are seeking. In fact, I believe the more you are starting to view things differently in your life —you are definitely having a shift and are beginning to seek! I have witnessed people who I knew in their heart were “seekers” still try to fit in the world, and become trapped in a matrix of confusion and depression. One of the many core lessons I believe one has to commit to overcoming in the name of finding their life purpose, is Self-Love. Your life purpose undoubtedly will involve helping change humanity in whatever capacity that may be. Fulfilling your life purpose will not happen overnight outwardly for all to see—being secure in your soul of Gods plan for your life will take a tremendous amount of ego reducing, patient, self-love. In fact, I believe God will continue to qualify you for your calling until you have somewhat mastered the art of self-care and self-love in your life. In the meantime stay committed to your dreams. Continue to seek and grow. Know that part of your destiny is overcoming your personal life lessons. Until then, it is all one day at a time.  xo

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